The Fish

The Fish

Our French fishing lake has an unknown quantity and size of original fish. Mirror, common and grass carp were stocked along with large perch, roach, rudd, black bass and pike.  There are no crayfish or poisson chat.  You will find some of the hardest fighting fish anywhere in France that will test you and your tackle to the limit!

The lake was restocked with 40 carp in 2015.  These included mirrors and commons 32lb to 46lb and four small koi which are now in double figures.

2017 saw another stocking of 60 fish in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s from the same fast growing bigot strain as part of an ongoing stocking program.

The lake has rarely been fished since it was stocked and the largest fish to come out was a mirror 51lb 12oz as well as nine 40’s and eighteen 30’s.

In 2001 a catfish of 65lb was caught and returned.  It had never been seen before and it’s not been seen again since so it might be a monster in waiting!

In 2018, 4 new catfish to 75lb were added.  Also a grass carp of around 50lb was hooked and lost at the net…a great sight in the clear waters of Quarry Bank.

In January 2022, we added another stocking of 40 young, fast growing carp – a mixture of mirrors and commons.

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