Lake Rules

Lake Rules

  1. NO KILL FISHING POLICY… exceptions
  2. Only good quality branded fresh/frozen, ready-made/ preserved boilies to be used.
  3. Maximum 3 rods.  No rods to be left unattended when lines are in the water
  4. Weigh slings, cradles, landing net and tripod supplied and must be used
  5. A suitable antiseptic MUST BE USED.  Propolis types highly recommended as it adheres to the fish. (area needs to be dried before use of any type of antiseptic). If you don’t have any, it must be purchased from us before fishing
  6. MINIMUM 15/20lb MONO 0.40mm plus HIGH ABRASION RESISTANT (or you will lose fish).  Recommended lines include Berkley big game, Gardener pro xm, GR60, GT80, hydrotuff
  7. No braid or lead core or leaders.  Minimum 20″ rig tube to be used.
  8. Barbless hooks only. No bent hooks, long shanks. NO treble hooks.
  9. No bait boats allowed
  10. No nuts of any description
  11. No sacking of fish. If found in possession of one you will be asked to leave immediately
  12. OMC Magic Twig or any similar products are not allowed
  13. Alcohol in moderation: drugs strictly prohibited
  14. No fixed leads. All leads must eject if line breaks. No back leads to be used
  15. No swimming or entering the lake. Do not tamper with life buoys, they are there for your own safety.
  16. Only particles purchased on-site are allowed
  17. Lake boat for emergency use only (snagged fish/tackle). Please contact Neil or Lin who will take you out (life-jackets must be worn)
  18. No rubbish to be left in swims. Please use bins provided
  19. Do not use bankside as a toilet.  If seen to be doing so, you will be asked to leave immediately without refund
  20. No fires. Fishing stoves only.  Cigarette ends to be safely extinguished and put in bin.
  21. Management reserve the right to inspect rigs and equipment to check they are safe
  22. Please drive with consideration through the village of Adilly
  23. The gates to be locked at all times. No entry or exit after dark – if you need to get out please arrange with Neil or Lin beforehand, Thank you
  24. All cars to be parked in the area in front of the office. Management reserve the right to check all vehicles before they leave the site.
  25. Arrival time: from 12 noon.  Departure time: before 10am
  26. Sorry no dogs allowed


  • Quarry Bank Carp Pool is not suitable for young children. Children over 10 years allowed, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Danger – no climbing on rocks or trees around the lake. They could be unstable
  • The lake is very deep in places – strictly no swimming or entering the water
  • The banks and platforms may be slippy at times, please take care.  Quarry Bank Carp Pool cannot be responsible for any accidents or injuries that may happen as a result of irresponsible behaviour


The area is tree lined and prone to be very dry during summer months. Ensure all equipment involving any naked flames or spark is fully extinguished and stored safely when not in use. Ensure all cigarette ends are fully extinguished and disposed of in bin.

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